Hiko explains why s1mple on Team Liquid's CS:GO roster could never have lasted

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  What that Team Liquid line-up might have been capable of if they had remained as a squad throughout that period and going forward is one of the great what-ifs of CS:GO, but according to Hiko it could never have happened.

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  S1mple’s ascent to his current position as the world’s greatest player was arguably delayed by his infamously difficult personality during his early years as a pro, and Team Liquid’s Jonathan ‘EliGE’ Jablonowski has also been called out for being hard to work with in the past. According to Hiko, the clash between these two players was irreparable.

  “At the time, the way that S1mple’s personality was and the way that EliGE’s personality was, there’s no way that we would’ve been able to keep both of them. It just would not have happened. There were so many problems we had and so many fights we got into that were just stupid fights if you were on the outside looking in, that it just would not have worked.”

  S1mple has himself attributed his departure from Team Liquid to his own desire to return to his home country of Ukraine, but Hiko thinks that even if he’d chosen to stay in the US it would only have been a matter of time before the team broke apart anyway.

  “I don’t want to say that it ever came to a decision we had to make between keeping S1mple or keeping EliGE, but it would have gotten there eventually.”

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